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The 688-page art book Roberto Polo: The Eye by Werner Adriaenssens et al, published by Frances Lincoln Limited (London), has received the Asian Print Gold Award for the best full-colour book of 2011. Following please read how the international press has described it:

This is a lavishly illustrated book presenting a selection of masterpieces from the collections which Roberto Polo has assembled. More than 300 paintings, drawings, objects, furniture and fabulous gemstones form a truly mind-blowing ensemble. Unlike some coffee-table books, this hefty tome deserves repeated readings.

Marcel Croës, The Bulletin, 13 January 2012

This book is the equivalent of the Renaissance German Wunderkammer, cabinet of marvels. The full-page illustrations show over 300 masterpieces and gemstones from Roberto Polo's extraordinary collections. To buy this book is to acquire one's own private museum.

Bevis Hillier, The Spectator, 19 November 2011

A precious book which is worth its weight in gold! Roberto Polo: The Eye, sumptuously conceived, explores the visual evolution of Roberto Polo through a selection of 300 masterpieces and precious stones from the collections which he has formed in over 40 years. The texts, written by reputed art and jewellery historians, render homage to this legendary connoisseur and philanthropist who now resides in Brussels.

Violaine Muüls, L'Evénement, December 2011

A fragment of Roberto Polo's life – a veritable novel – is concentrated in this important book, which features over three-hundred masterpieces from many fields: fine and applied arts, jewellery… Highly-reputed Belgian, French, German and Italian museum curators attest to this living museum on glossy paper and render homage to the talent of Roberto Polo.

Alain Lefebvre, Juliette & Victor, December/January 2012

Superbly illustrated, this book is a fraction of Roberto Polo's life, a selection of the most beautiful pieces which constitute or constituted his many collections, all commented by the best specialists in each field. Every work of art illustrated is a marvel in itself.

Dominique Legrand, Le Soir, 12 November 2011

Roberto Polo's eye is as discrete as it is celebrated. He does not leave anyone indifferent. There are the enthusiasts and the usual detractors, but they all agree that he possesses an acute sense of beauty. This book renders homage to his eclecticism. Collector of collections, thousands of marvelous works of art and precious stones have passed through his hands.

Henry Bounameaux, L'Echo, 5 November 2011

Roberto Polo is a genius of discovery. He is part of the world of marvels and the cult of beauty. He is also an eye which sees what is invisible to others, the work of art which is a priori insignificant and which he may discover in a Brussels or Paris flea market, or a remote auction in the heart of Hesse. His strength is to buy what was revolutionary in its time and not fashionable in the art market today, stamped with his name, it suddenly assumes a masterly aura. To turn the pages of this imposing volume is to discover an encyclopedia of styles and subjects, of famous artists and of those who fell into oblivion, underestimated by the art market, but whom Roberto Polo will promote until they reach the summit. He disappears behind the sublime illustrations and allows his eminent authors to describe the importance of the fruit which he has gathered.

Philippe Farcy, La Libre, 30 September 2011

A legend to many in the international art world, 60-year-old Roberto Polo might not be so well-known elsewhere, but this book deserves a wide audience as it celebrates the connoisseurship of the colourful, controversial character, sadly now a rare breed among art professionals. Roberto Polo retains an intense and loyal following from many eminent academics in the museum world, who admire his legendary eye and maintain that he is notable, since he is not just an art dealer, but also a formidable art historian.

David Moss, Antiques Trade Gazette, 27 August 2011
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